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The City Of God

Rooted deep within the community

Set high upon a hill

Shines the city of God


Built of souls bonded in one Love

The wise and the young

The broken and the healed

Drawn together with one call


Swimming in the Word

Sparks of insight, impassion the blaze

Which warms… burning brightly

Forming the beacon of light for all to see


Suffering, helpless sheep, wandering to the gate

Turning to His disciples

Who lift them up and present them

To the King of grace and mercy

All rejoice in awe of miracles witnessed


The gift of faith is realized

The present of love is shared

Human and divine are melded

The taste of eternal is savored

And all are welcomed in this place


        Daryl Madden
          "A Gift Of Knowings"

                            Life in the Spirit Commitment Prayer

Jesus, I know now that I am Yours and You are mine forever.

Thank You for sending your Spirit to me.
That I might have the power to live this new life with You.
Stir up Your Spirit in me.  Release Your Spirit in me.
Baptize me with the fullness of Your Spirit.
That I may experience Your presence and power in my life.
That I may find new meaning in your Scriptures.
That I may find new meaning in the sacraments.
That I may find delight and comfort in prayer.
That I may be able to love as You love and forgive as You forgive.
That I may discover and use the gifts you give me for the life of the Church.
That I may experience the peace and the joy that You have promised us.
Fill me with Your Spirit, Jesus.
I wish to receive all that You have to give me.



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